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Why train with EMDR Educators of Florida? What is so great about my team and me? After all, there are a lot of EMDR courses out there. What is so special about ours?

There are three reasons to join us:

  1. I doubt anyone is more passionate about EMDR than me and my team. I think my passion is evident in my videos and writings. Feel free to check them out to decide for yourself. (Under “Resources,” see blog and book excerpts, and “Video” on the navigation bar).
  2. EMDR allows for integration and creativity in the work, which makes it a very fulfilling process. This creativity is often suppressed in the medical model our field has embraced. In our training, creativity is the focus. Learning to put your mark on the work and bringing you into the process is essential. We try to bring the practice of psychotherapy back to how it was meant to be practiced, respecting the medical model but not bowing down to it.
  3. Finally, and perhaps the most important reason is, we understand. We understand where you are going because we’ve been there. We understand the anxiety about starting a practice with one client. We understand what it’s like to want to help your patients but nothing seems to be working. Let me tell you, EMDR got rid of all of those problems for me. EMDR transforms lives quickly. When you gain the ability to heal and transform rather than just treat, word gets out.

Do you market your practice? I haven’t had to in years. There is not a word on my website about my counseling practice.

EMDR is so effective that word of mouth becomes the most powerful advertising. So if you are looking for an organization that is passionate about EMDR and embraces the idea that therapy is not only a scientific process but a creative one, and finally an organization that understands your plight, you may have stumbled upon a perfect fit.

You have heard you have to find your niche. EMDR is ours. It has been and still is a fulfilling high performing choice for my team and me. EMDR put marketing for our private practices on autopilot because of the incredible results.

Finally, EMDR helped all of our dreams come true. Why don’t you let us help you with yours?



  • A 287-page Training Manual that is an excellent resource for all things EMDR.
  • A Practicum Handbook that is task oriented. Everything you might want to say in EMDR sessions is spelled out there very clearly and concisely.
  • Access to our document downloads. Any session-oriented documents you might need is on our site that you will have access to. A pamphlet to put in your office to help explain EMDR, what it is, and how it works is available to download when you join our EMDR tribe.
  • Access to our Facebook community where you can ask any questions and participate in discussion about EMDR. EMDR Educators of Florida.
  • You get discounts from Neurotek the makers of the electronic machines that are used in EMDR processing when you begin doing EMDR.
  • Your ten hours of group consultation is included in the tuition. Consultants often charge 100.00 or more per hour for EMDR consultation. These required hours are included. These 10 hours alone are the equivalent of the price of tuition.
  • You will have access to our consultant who are some of the best I could find. All are well season and experienced clinician with a variety of clinical experience.
  • We provide continued support long after your are finished with our training. We are here to answer any questions and offer guidance throughout your EMDR journey.


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