Mission, Vision, and Culture

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform lives.


We inspire clinicians to transform the lives of their clients through empowering and creative trainings. Within a safe and supportive environment clinicians will harness their creativity and explore new transformative skills. These powerful new skills will also add incredible richness to their work.


AuthenticityWhat does authentic mean exactly? For example, one cannot harbor feelings of inferiority and doubt and be authentic. Inferiority and doubt create a falsification of the true self—the inauthentic self. Our trainings create a safe and supportive environment, so inferiority and doubt are not experienced in the skill building process. If it is, it is normalized and accepted as temporary growing pains. It is never turned into criticism.

Authenticity is the journey the therapist accompanies the client on, it is a destination and the place to start—an alpha and omega moment. Clients will leave their inauthentic self, and only then can the true life begin. Trainees cannot bring a client to a place they do not know. They too must take the journey.

Creativity – Our trainings take you into the zone of creativity. Creativity drives us; it makes us feel alive and excited about the work. Our trainings foster new skills and new ideas for clinicians. Eliciting creativity in each individual trainee is what makes our trainings exciting. It is that discovering of something that has always been there but hiding in plain sight. It is your gift revealed.

Acceptance– There is a freedom in acceptance.  Accepting yourself and your work by being authentically “you” inside and outside of sessions. We accept you where you are in your career and want to help you get to where you are going. Just like you must accept your clients where they are to help them get to where they are going. None of which can be done without flexibility and acceptance.

Empowered – Our trainings are enjoyable, inspiring and safe, each trainee will feel empowered to use their new skills within the context of being who they are. Our trainings are relaxed yet professional.

Inspiring – trainees are inspired and excited to go back to their work to start using their new skills. They are excited and inspired to get back to their office to try their new skills. To improve the world one hour at a time. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Wise – perhaps my age and life experience afford me an understanding of the struggle in mastering a new art. This is down with a calm, peaceful and encouraging affectation. Consultees have said to me while they are in session with their clients, “I can hear Dr. Dobo’s voice saying….”

Supportive – I have a degree in music. Musicians are not always supportive people. I did a lot of EMDR on my music school “juries” yes that is what they’re called—juries. Play for us so we can judge you.

I want my trainings to be the opposite of that experience. Supportive, encouraging, non-judgement but professional.

Patient – Encouraging the trainees to be patient with themselves, with their development. We insure our trainers are patient with the trainees accepting them at the stage where they are.

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