Eligibility for EMDR Training

IMPORTANT: You must have completed the EMDR Basic training.

All therapists must meet the minimum EMDRIA eligibility requirements for EMDR Training at time of registration and payment. Eligibility status is based on current licensure and current graduate education status. Eligibility must be confirmed prior to registration and payment.

Please have the following ready at time of registration and payment to confirm your eligibility:

1. State License Type and State License Number as a state licensed mental health provider
2. Masters Level Graduate Degree Diploma
3. Required Supervisor Approval Letter (if applicable, see Special Provisions below)
To meet the minimum EMDRIA eligibility requirements for this EMDR Training, therapists must meet both of the following two criteria at time of registration and payment:

Therapist must currently be fully state licensed through their state or government credentialing board in one of the following fields:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Licensed Psychologist (LP)
  • Licensed Psychiatrist
  • Licensed Psychiatric Nursing

Therapist must have already completed a Masters Level or Doctorate Level Graduate Program (examples MSW, MFT, PsyD) within the mental health field:
Social Work, Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology.

If therapist is a Licensed Psychiatrist and/or a Medical Doctor (M.D.), the therapist must also be both of the following:

  • must have specialist training in Psychiatry
  • also must be licensed through their state as a Licensed Psychiatrist

If therapist is a Licensed Psychiatric Nurse and/or a Registered Nurses, the therapist must also be both of the following:

  • must have completed a Masters Level Degree in Psychiatric Nursing
  • must be currently licensed and/or registered through their state or government nursing board as a Licensed Psychiatric Nurse

For therapists that do not meet both of the criteria above, please contact EMDR Educators of Florida to see if any Special Provisions are available to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for EMDR Training.

Additionally, any therapist that is on the following list below must provide additional credentials in order to be eligible for EMDR Training:

  • Any therapist currently working under supervision
  • Graduate Students/Interns working in an agency, clinic, hospital, or school
  • State Registered Psychotherapist
  • State Certified Counselors
  • Degree/License in School Counseling
  • Degree/License in Art Therapy
  • Degree/License in Music Therapy
  • Degree/License in Play Therapy
  • Degree/License in Christian/Pastoral/Community Counseling
  • Degree/License in Drug/Alcohol Counseling
  • Degree/License in Forensic Psychology
  • Degree/License as Medical Doctor
  • Degree/License as Registered Nurse
  • Provisional-Licensed working toward full state licensure
  • Associate-Licensed working toward full state licensure
  • Temporary-Licensed working toward full state licensure
  • Candidate-Licensed working toward full state licensure
  • Any Therapists Outside the United States

Qualifying Graduate Students/Interns

Qualifying graduate students/interns must meet all three of the following criteria prior to registration and payment in order to be eligible for EMDR Training:

  • Currently enrolled in a Masters or Doctorate level program (first year graduate students/interns are not eligible) in one of the mental health fields: Social work, Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing).
  • Currently involved in the practicum and/or internship portion of the program they are enrolled in (first year candidates are not eligible) on a licensing track working under the direct supervision of a fully state licensed mental health professional (read “Supervisor Eligibility Requirements” below).
  • The therapist’s direct Supervisor must provide the “Required Supervisor Approval Letter” prior to registration and payment (see below).

IMPORTANT: First year graduate students/interns, and/or first year unlicensed therapists (e.g Registered Psychotherapists) are not eligible for EMDR Training. 

Please contact Theresaccc@Bellsouth.net (education coordinator) prior to registration and payment if you have questions regarding the eligibility, and how to fill out the letter of approval specifically for graduate students/interns.


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