Loss of identity in Stage Four of EMDR: A client’s experience

Stage Four: Loss of Identity This client was kind enough to write what stage four of the EMDR process was like for him. It was hard and painful work to dismantle the self-defeating beliefs and actions that were no longer working for me. I had come to Dr. Dobo in sheer desperation and I was grateful for what I learned...[ read more ]

The Anatomy of the Dream

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Dobo’s work in progress, Transformational EMDR: A Death Rebirth Sequence in Six Stages.  It continues the discussion begun in the post DREAM AMPLIFICATION AND INTERPRETATION The Anatomy of the Dream (The Components) Symbols Signs Images Metaphors Emotions Thoughts Themes Motifs Fantasies   Not all dreams will have all these components, but these are the parts...[ read more ]

Dr. Dobo to sign books at September conference

Dr. Andrew Dobo will be signing his book Unburdening Souls at the Speed of Thought and offering information about EMDR Educators of Florida's training programs at the National Conference of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association. The conference takes place Sept. 21-23 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Dr. Dobo will be an exhibitor. Learn more at About the book Unburdening Souls...[ read more ]

Dream amplification and interpretation: an ancient skill for the new millennium

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Dobo's work in progress, Transformational EMDR: A Death Rebirth Sequence in Six Stages. Dream work is much like other lifelong artistic endeavors: One lifetime is not enough. Fortunately, in this six-stage transformational EMDR process, the dreams seem to follow consistent themes in each stage; therefore, it is much easier to understand them. Much...[ read more ]

The Power of EMDR an Astrological Perspective

Leslie McGuirk, internationally renowned astrologer, author, and artist discusses why EMDR is such a powerful tool for many of her clients. She agreed to be a guest blogger on my site. Her thoughts are below: As a professional Astrologer, the number one thing I suggest, to my clients who have experienced traumas, or patterns that they can't seem to break, is EMDR.  I have over...[ read more ]

“Did You Say Your Astrologer Referred You To Me?”

As a psychologist, a scientific-practitioner, imagine my surprise when a parade of new clients arrived at my door and stated that they were referred to me by their Astrologer. Who? Huh? What? Most of them are very knowledgeable about Astrology and speak that language fluently. Sometimes they will share their chart with me that looks like something from an ancient...[ read more ]

Jung, EMDR, Soul, and Other Four Letter Profanities

I am proposing the possibility that perhaps psychology has lost its way. But so has just about everything else. We are all somewhat a slave to someone’s bottom-line. As one trained as a composer in the 70s, I tend to get much of my inspiration from artists. Let me quote one of America’s Greatest Poets as a place to start,...[ read more ]

What Is EMDR?

What is EMDR? Well, the acronym is short for what is quite a mouthful; it stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. That’s why we use the acronym. It is an accelerated and adaptive model of therapy that can sometimes resolve very severe problems in a few sessions. There have been more than 20 controlled studies that found EMDR to...[ read more ]

Book Notes, Vol. 6

My goal here is to help you, the reader, to view psychology as the rich and powerful process that it is.  Perhaps you will see it for the sacred work that I am privileged to do rather than a sitcom version of a therapist as a buffoon.  When a client says, “No one knows this not even my husband.” These...[ read more ]

Unburdening Souls: Science and Mystery

My book is not about Thomas Merton. I discuss him here because the book is about combining and looking at the work of psychology through a spiritual and even mystical lens. I am moving into territory that I should not enter much like Merton. I can’t help myself, I have lived in these two areas my entire life, experiencing it,...[ read more ]

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