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Dr. Andrew J. Dobo’s colleagues call him “the blue-collar therapist” because of his down-to-earth nature, most likely created by his Rockwellesque childhood. He was born and raised in a small steel town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, called Aliquippa, a meat-and-potatoes community that loves its sports teams, a town where everyone knows everyone and where people usually are there for each other. In his childhood, there really was a village looking after all the kids of the Boomer generation from his neighborhood.

He was initially educated as a composer in the early 1970s, when he studied music and earned a bachelor’s degree in music composition. He also plays the piano and had the good fortune to study under Frank Cunimindo, one of Pittsburgh’s foremost jazz piano players and teachers. He himself was a piano instructor and piano player in the Pittsburgh area for a number of years before responding to his true calling, which was to become a psychologist.

In 1995, he had the opportunity to pursue his dream, and after years of study, he earned his doctorate in psychology. He calls himself a Jungian Christian, as he became interested in the work of C.G. Jung in the 1970s while studying music in Chicago. He has been interested in this view of the psyche most of his life. He is a student of the individuation process and feels that this combination of the psychological and spiritual world view, combined with the powerful therapy known as EMDR, are highly compatible with each other. When the power of EMDR’s transforming effect is viewed through this Jungian view, clients respond with amazement. Dr. Dobo guides them along this journey through their psyche with frequent access to their collective unconscious.

Dr. Dobo has devoted the last few years to writing a book, Unburdening Souls at the Speed of Thought: Psychology, Christianity, and the Transforming Power of EMDR, and formulating his ideas, after which he has developed a number of curriculums to teach other therapists how to examine the psyche from this dynamic perspective. These include a course on how to utilize dreams from a Jungian perspective; the theory and utility in regards to EMDR; and, when appropriate, how to link religion in in this process. His blog is in the service of these programs, projects, and ideas.

Dr. Dobo is the executive director of EMDR Educators of Florida, which provides continuing education to EMDR providers.

NOTE: If you are starting to read the blogs of Dr. Dobo’s early book notes, it is best to start with note 1 and read them chronologically. You will find the first by clicking on the Archive February 2013, the second in March 2013 and so on. Any description and/or names of patients have been changed to protect their identities. Dr. Dobo is grateful that they have granted permission to tell their stories.

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