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"All true things change, and only that which changes remains true."
-C. G. Jung

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Andrew Dobo was my mentor and consultant for EMDR training. His creativity, concern for clients, and passion for the work of EMDR helped me to lead clients into places of healing and transformation. Andrew cares about the clients and the therapists, providing a rich, safe, and trusting environment from which to learn and grow. I strongly recommend Andrew as an EMDR consultant!
Marlena Del Hierro
I want to thank you again for another profound experience. I had deep healing happen and although it may have surprised my partner (who was wonderful and so brave), she was able to see the power of EMDR. She also experienced wonderful healing and it was just so beautiful to witness. I don’t know if you noticed but I had a smile on my face watching her bravely go through this process that she was unsure of. I was inspired by the human spirit and our ability to heal. I felt safe with both you and Suni guiding our process, so thank you for that. I really enjoyed being able to practice right away and the demonstration were powerful and very helpful.
Melissa Fernandez, LMHC
Pre-doctoral Psychology Candidate / Florida Tech University
"Dr. Andrew Dobo is one of the best consultants I have had the privilege of working with. He led an EMDR seminar during my graduate training. The way he described the concepts, process, and treatment made it easy and digestible. His passion for EMDR was contagious… I soon began to share in his passion. He has guided me through the process of being certified and I couldn’t be more thankful. Throughout the process, Dr. Dobo has shown his expertise in this area and has shared this with me. I am a better EMDR provider because of his work and teaching. Highest recommendations."
Billine Jourdan, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychology / Florida Institute of Technology
"Andrew Dobo's ability to connect with clients and counselors comes from his natural ways and years of experience in the industry. He is an incredible source of support and knowledge. His assistance gave me the guidance added confidence needed to succeed in utilizing EMDR to help others."
Rose M., Intern Counselor
"I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Dobo towards receiving my EMDR certification He is a unique trainer because he has a natural ability to inject humor, comfort and spirituality while guiding and teaching the skills involved in facilitating EMDR therapy. Dr. Dobo will open your eyes towards the value of using timelines dream journals and mapping the souls of your clients."
Pamela Faith Rinato, Psy.D, LCSW
"Dr. Andrew Dobo was very professional and knowledgeable, providing clear direction and feedback during EMDR training. He provides structured, group case consultation on a weekly basis which has proven to be extremely beneficial to me as a private practitioner. I was able to effectively utilize EMDR with my clients immediately after training."
Danielle Roginski, LCSW
Transition Counseling, Inc.
“I met Dr. Dobo during my EMDR intensive training. We had a choice of who to pick to provide supervision for the completion of the program and based on his depth and breath of knowledge, picking Dr. Dobo was the obvious choice. I have been extremely pleased with the supervision and training I am receiving from Dr. Dobo. He has extensive knowledge of trauma, very skilled in EMDR, is keenly attuned to issues of diversity, and has a wonderful, relaxing, yet well informed style of instruction. I’ve been working as a Clinical Psychologist for well over two decades and Andrew is the real deal! It is a pleasure to work with him.”
Manisha Dayal, Psy.D.

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